What is my passion? What gets me going in the morning (besides coffee, lots of coffee)? It's FAMILY.  My family of course, but also yours.  The family dynamic has been what I have focused most on while building my portrait business, and I saw a noticeable shift in my priorities during a family session AFTER I started my own family.  Although I almost always get "the money shot" of everyone looking at me smiling beautifully, its not my focus during the shoot.  I spend the whole session creating moments of play, of family togetherness, of silly kids doing silly things.  It is within those moments that you start to see the bond between parent and child.  The more we play during the session the more authentic the joy, and therefore, the expressions.

As for Photography, I was not born with a camera in my hand, nor did I know photography was going to be my life since the first time I held a vintage Pentax blah blah blah.  My camera is on my shelf right along with my paints, brushes, chalks and pencils...though those have mostly been retired to make room for the more practical glue gun and sewing machine that feeds my creative bug AND creates handmade props for custom sessions.  I am a legit art nerd.  I have an art degree focusing on oil painting, and I use that degree exactly never.  I’m an Artist, a creative professional, my entire career revolves around making pretty things.  I literally cannot contain myself when I am planning custom sessions, my sets, props, wardrobe (yes I custom make most of it) takes over my house. I use themes and color and props to create a set that perfectly ties together your dream session.

My Children, Boz (5) Georgie (3) and Bear (1) are my favorite creations.  I'm a very laid back Mom and you'll soon realize that not a single thing your child does during a session is going to surprise, concern or otherwise stress me out.

My husband, Evan, is very involved in my business.  His job title is "the muscle" and you may see him carrying all the heavy props at the studio, building my sets/walls and doing otherwise manly things.  I'd call it a family business since all five of us are at the studio a lot, but the little ones pretty much just destroy the place.

Five Random Facts

I do cry at weddings, but only at the Mother/Son & Father/Daughter dances
I Netflix binge while I edit, mostly documentaries
I may be eccentric, but I'm all Vanilla when it comes to ice cream
I have a whale phobia...those ads for Alaskan cruises give me panic attacks
I'm a night owl, who is forced to wake up at 5am

Newborn Portraiture

Anywhere from hours old to weeks old, I'd love to photograph your family's new addition.  I offer Hospital Sessions, Studio Newborn Sessions and At-Home Newborn Sessions.

Baby & Child Portraiture

Each stage of babyhood has different milestones, or "new tricks" and I'd love to catch all those first sits, first stands and first steps.

Family Portraiture

Family sessions are the most fun and rewarding to be a part of.  Capturing the parents really engaged with their kids - either at home, at the studio or outside somewhere beautiful - is really what my work is all about.

Maternity Portraiture

Whether it's your first Baby Bump or your fourth, we'll really celebrate that little life with a session just for them.  We can go Casual or Glam for these maternity sessions, I'd love to come up with ideas with you!

Milestones Package - First Year Program

With an all-inclusive First Year Program, you won't miss capturing any of the important milestones.  This package includes Newborn through One Year sessions, along with many photo opportunities in between.  In total, this package includes 14 separate portrait visits!

Tween and Teen Portraiture

Tweens and Teens are really coming into their own and nothing boosts confidence like a personalized styled shoot to celebrate their unique-ness.  We'll incorporate their style, their hobbies and interests to create a one of a kind session.

Weddings & Vow Renewals

Wedding photography was where I got my start, and it still has a special place in my heart.  I am no longer able to service the full day weddings, but I do take on the smaller weddings on a regular basis.  All backyard weddings, elopements, vow renewals, smallish weddings and private ceremonies, I'd love to hear from you.

Studio Location

4935 S 136th St
Old Millard
Just East of 136th and Millard Ave
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