Addie : 18 Months

Addie sure loves her Mo & Dad, her Doggie and her Dollies, as shown in these adorable moments <3

This sweet girl was born a short time ahead of my littlest, and it has been a real joy watching her go through all the same stages as him 🙂

Addie18Month065BWAddie18Month070Vintage Addie18Month055BW Addie18Month051Vintage Addie18Month024 Addie18Month011

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Amelia’s Newborn Session

Mom helped me plan this session for her Baby Girl months before she was born.  She came to me with her ideas and I pulled the props and put the sets together for her.  We also did a Fresh 48 Session at the hospital a week before her newborn session, and I LOVE how much Amelia changed in just one week.  Her flakey feet, wrinkly fingers and cheeks plumped up so much!

This lucky girl had such proud parents and big bro at the session as well <3  Amelia, you are Blessed.


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