Pop-Up Weddings and Vow Renewals

A dream wedding is not defined by the grandure of your event or the number of guests you have, but rather the ceremony itself and the meaning that it holds for you and your partner. A pop up wedding is a Short & Sweet version of your dream wedding. Picture you and your partner surrounded by only the closest people in your life, at a beautiful location with music, cake, flowers and photography at a fraction of the cost of a traditional wedding. Pop up weddings can be as intimate as "running away" with your partner to elope, or inviting up to 15 of your closest friends and family to share in your commitment to each other. This is also a great option for a Vow renewal, whether you have been married five years or fifty. If you are excited to dress up and share that moment again, I would be honored to create a memorable event and capture it for you.


I work with a talented florists to create your bouquets and boutonnieres in a style that you love.

Wedding Cake

Big or Small wedding, you still need cake!  My cake lady makes your mini-wedding cake with love, and she is a very talented artist that can tackle any design you'd like.


Music makes the mood, and I'd love to create the perfect ambiance for your wedding.  Now you choose...will it be Acoustic Guitar? Accordian? Violin?


I am the craftiest woman I know.  I can create most any ideas you throw at me, or just give me a theme and color scheme and let me run wild.  You won't be disappointed!

Location! Location! Location!

When you aren't trying to throw a party for 100+ guests, its amazing the kind of hidden gems you can find for your wedding location.


I started my career as a wedding photographer, and it is still a passion of mine nearly 10 years later.  Each wedding includes all of your images on disk as well as a keepsake album.

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